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Published by: Julian Spence on 11-Apr-23
Simple Ways to Obtain and Use Moneymaking Keywords
Hunting for the most profitable keywords is no joke to many internet marketers and website owners. In fact, people will pay good money just to be able to obtain these moneymaking keywords because they know that these can translate to incredible earnings. If you're a little apprehensive about paying for keywords, take heart. There are some cool resources on the internet you can use for free. That's right ? at no cost. Here are ways how you can make use of stuff online to hike your popularity factor:

Find out how certain keywords perform from search engines.

Before anything else, remember that not all moneymaking keywords are right for you. What's the point of using keywords pertaining to techno gadgets if your website is all about scrapbooking?

Find out which keywords work best for your website and then use search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. These are free resources you can use on the internet that will give you an idea of how many searches are performed on a given keyword/s and/or keyword phrase. The number of searches you'll find will help you determine the kind of keywords that will land you on the SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages.

Submit your website for indexing.

It's tough to get noticed online especially if you're just starting your website. Be proactive about letting others know about you by submitting your site to the most popular search engines. The three most popular search sites are Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Go to their websites and add your URL address, start building your site's traffic volume and watch your income grow.

Link up.

Another great internet resource that is used by many website owners is linking. You can exchange links with other websites who belong to the same industry as you or are at least related to the type of business you have.

Linking with other websites is free, fun and very productive. Consider it as being referred to by a friend of a friend. If you link your website to a reputable site, traffic from that site can get directed your way. Imagine receiving just 10% of the traffic from a site that receives 2,000 visitors a day. That's 200 more clicks on top of the ones you already receive on a regular basis ? from one site alone.

Be careful, though. Some sites with less-than-good reputation can damage yours as well. Search engines prefer linking sites that offer quality. If you're linked up with a site that pulls you down, consider asking that site to remove links to your website.

Use your own resource.

We mean your common sense. Some keywords have a lifespan while others shine brightest during a particular season. Keywords such as 'Halloween costumes' and 'costume masks', for example, are much more in demand during the months of September and October. When November and December come along, you probably don?t need a free resource on the internet just to find out that certain keywords related to Thanksgiving and Christmas are much more in demand.

Keywords are some of the most valuable resources you can use online. They can help you build your business and drive traffic to your site. They can even be a direct source of income for many individuals.

Learn everything you need to know about how to use keywords to increase your site's exposure from 'Keyword Research' from The Barking Videos series. Using keywords to increase your site's traffic can be tricky and you'll need all the help you can get. Learn as much as you can so you don?t waste your time on keywords that will do nothing for your bottomline.

Resource Spence is the Owner of Check us out anytime for marketing tips and a free subscription to our cutting edge newsletter.


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